Urban Explorer Series: Chester's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Chester's Travel Itinerary

“Hong Kong has world-class coffee shops. Back when I first started in the coffee business over 10 years ago, there were only a handful of boutique cafes in the city. Today, there are coffee shops on every street, between 200-300 boutique cafes in Hong Kong.”




Chester’s Hong Kong Travel Itinerary


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We asked our friendly Urban Explorer Mr. Chester Tam, the Owner of Barista Caffe & World Barista Champion Judge, how he would spend his day in Hong Kong if he was free to do all the things he loved in 24-hours and this is exactly how his travel itinerary would look like.


9AM: Morning pour-over coffee at Page Common


10AM: Take a stroll in Kowloon Park, a quaint park located in the center of one of the most commercial districts in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)


10:30AM: Walk over to the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui (Chester regards this as the happiest form of transportation in Hong Kong. The ferry crosses the harbour from TST over to Hong Kong Island’s Central district, where travelers can capture stunning views of the city skyline)


11AM: Arrive in Central (Hong Kong’s hustling and bustling business and retail heart, crammed with skyscrapers, swanky malls and luxury hotels) for some quality shopping at luxury malls Landmark and IFC mall


1PM: After some shopping therapy, head down to the eclectic Sheung Wan district for a truly authentic lunch at Wah Lok Café, a popular Hong Kong-style eatery among the locals. Chester recommends the classic Egg & Spam with Noodles, and a Pineapple bun on the side for dessert.


2PM: Go for an afternoon pick-me-up at Barista Jam café in Sheung Wan.


2:30PM: Maneuver your way to PMQ (also known as Police Married Quarters), formerly residential quarters for married junior policemen and their families in 1951 that was turned into a mixed-use venue of art and design and opened to the public in 2014, comprising of fashionable and trendy boutique shops in support of local brands and innovation.


3:30PM: To get a taste of the local gems in the city, head on over to Upper Lascar Row where you will find some local souvenir shops and up-and-coming eateries.


4PM: Tea time break at Dim Sum Square and be sure to order the Steamed Chicken Rice and Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, as recommended by Chester (As a major culinary capital in Asia, Hong Kong is renowned for its tea time specials where locals like to take a break between 3-4pm for a quick snack)


One of Chester’s go-to dishes is the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun. The bun, moist and fluffy, and the BBQ pork rich in flavour, this dish is a must-try here at Dim Sum Square.


This local joint prides itself in providing “steamed-to-order” dim sum for its guests to maintain the freshness of each dish. In that case, you must take a bite out of this succulent prawn dumpling.


You will never fail to find a massive queue during lunch hour and on the weekends when you pass by Dim Sum Square. Fresh and affordable, the service is also up to par.


Located in the heart of Sheung Wan, where both local eateries and new cafes flourish, it is literally a three-minute walk away from the Sheung Wan MTR Station.


5PM: Take the tram (also known as “ding ding”) from the Sheung Wan district over to Admiralty. From there, take the Peak Tram up to the Peak just in time for the golden hour


6PM: Admire the sunset views of the Hong Kong skyline at the top of Victoria Peak. Be sure to get some of those Instagram-worthy shots in!


7:30PM: Head back down to Central by taking the public bus rather than the tram to avoid the long queue


8:30PM: By this time, you will be famished. Take the MTR to Jordan station and head to the wet market inside Kwun Chung Municipal Service Building for Dai Pai Dong (a type of open-air food stall in Hong Kong that every visitor must try at least once during their stay)


10PM: Head over to Michelin-listed traditional Chinese dessert joint Kai Kai Dessert in Jordan for some delectable Chinese desserts. This dessert shop has been a hidden establishment among the locals in the area for almost 40 years. Be sure to opt for their signature Sesame Soup dessert – you’ll thank us later!


Michelin-recommended restaurant Kai Kai Dessert specializes in an array of classic Cantonese desserts, from Glutinous Rice Balls filled with black sesame paste to the traditional Red Bean Soup.


Chester’s favorite dessert at this family-friendly local eatery is the Black Sesame Soup because of its smooth texture that ever-so-lightly envelopes your tongue with every scoop.


The Glutinous Rice Balls filled with a rich black sesame paste in Ginger Soup warms the heart during any time of the year.


Without a doubt, the family-owned Kai Kai Dessert join has been an institution in Jordan for three decades. This is a testament to how great food not only brings people together but stands the test of time.