Urban Explorer Series: Harimaolee's Travel Itinerary

Urban Explorer Series: Harimaolee's Travel Itinerary

“I would like to continue to travel around the world and experiencing the different riches in life. When I was working full-time, I could not enjoy these things so being able to do so now is the greatest luxury of all.”




Harimaolee’s Hong Kong Travel Itinerary


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You’ve confessed to us how much you love Hong Kong. Within a single day, you could be roaming around the city, capturing the dense urban landscape, and then be on a hike photographing the natural sceneries. So if you were to explore Hong Kong for one day and you were free to do all the things you loved, how would your 24-hour itinerary look like? Please give us an hour-by-hour schedule.


5AM: Wake up and get ready to start the long day of exploration


6AM: Gather with friends at the hustling and bustling Central MTR Station, and grab a bun at the nearest 7-Eleven inside the station to fuel up


6:30AM: Take the taxi up to Victoria Peak, the highest hill on Hong Kong Island that looks out to the bristling cityscape, which many visitors coin the “concrete forest”, and arrive at the top of the peak at approximately 6:45AM just in time for the golden hour. After all, lighting is everything when it comes to capturing that flawless picture


7AM: Catch breathtaking views of the velvet sunrise up at The Peak, as the locals refer to it, for that Instagram-worthy shot against the metropolitan backdrop with luminous lighting. Keep in mind that the sun rises at around 7pm during the month of March, but be sure to do some research the night before so you don’t miss the “golden” opportunity


8AM: After a full hour of bliss, head back down from The Peak to Sai Ying Pun, an area in the Western district on Hong Kong Island, via taxi for a truly local breakfast to delight the palate. (You can also opt for the MTR metro system, and upon alighting at Sai Ying Pun MTR station, take Exit A2 for a quick 4-min walk to dim sum joint Lin Heung Kui)


9AM: Arrive at the famous dim sum restaurant, Lin Heung Kui, which serves classic Guangdong dishes – from rice, noodles and congee to dim sum. Frequented by the locals, Harimaolee recommends his go-to dishes: BBQ Pork Buns, Quail Egg Siu Mai and Pork Ribs




10AM: With stomachs full and heart’s content, burn it off by taking a walk on the wild side and admire the friendly Sai Ying Pun district. As one of the oldest areas in Hong Kong, it still manages to retain its sense of neighbourhood with pungent smells of dried seafood and wet market despite the explosion of his restaurants and coffee shops taking over the scene. Sai Ying Pun’s First Street happens to be one of Harimaolee’s favorite places to photograph due its unique hilly landscape that is reminiscent of San Francisco


11AM: With a packed early morning schedule, take the MTR back to Page148 for a bit of rest and relaxation


1PM: Fully-rested and ready for lunch, head on over to any Hong Kong-style café in the Tsim Sha Tsui area for Hong Kong’s signature 24-hour breakfast. Generally, this local meal consists of a noodle dish like the semi-spicy Satay Beef Noodle Soup complimented by Eggs & Sausage on Toast, with a seriously addictive cup of Hong Kong milk tea to wash it all down


2PM: Take the taxi to the starting point of Kowloon Peak, which begins from the junction of Fei Ngo Shan Road and Clear Water Bay Road


3PM: Arrive at the starting point of Kowloon Peak and start the hike. Located at an altitude of 600 meters, Kowloon Peak, also known by locals as Fei Ngo Shan, is the highest mountain in the Kowloon area. Panoramic views of the Kowloon Peninsula can be admired from the summit, but please beware that the hike is approximately 3.5 hours in duration. By any means, not a hike for the faint hearted


5PM: Take in the incredible views of the city as you reach the summit of Kowloon Peak. Surrounded by lush greens and an unforgettable view, this makes for a perfect photo opportunity and gloat while you are at it


6:30PM: Head back down from the summit and complete the hike


8PM: Reach the finish of the hike and be greeted by a number of Dai Pai Dongs, a type of open-air food stall in Hong Kong that serves some of the most delicious local culinary gems in the city, to reward yourself with a hearty meal. The Salt & Pepper Fried Squid, Salted Egg Fresh Greens, and Eggplant with Minced Meat & Salted Fish Hot Pot dishes are not to be missed when you have your first Dai Pai Dong experience




10PM: After a long day’s adventure, time to call it quits and take the taxi back to Page148 for an early rest